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Whether you need a security system or a clear view of your product, aluminum roller shutters are a great choice. They are lightweight, incredibly strong and provide 80% visibility. You can choose between perforated or punched finishes, battery backups and a wide range of other features. There are also options for custom designs and colors. No matter what your needs, you can count on Zap Shutters Ltd. For the best security, Shopfitter in Birmingham and Roller Shutters are your best options. They are a good choice for high-end retail locations. The polycarbonate material used in shopfronts allows for 80% visibility and strength. The K90 shutter is another great option for businesses that need a Shopfront Shutter. They are made from lightweight aluminum lath and feature cut-outs, which make them extremely secure.

Zap Shutters offers a range of Shutters, Awnings and Signboards. We make sure we have the latest techniques and machines to keep you up to date with the latest trends in the market. Our prices include free installation and only require essential maintenance throughout the product’s lifetime. We are the team that help their clients to create their dream shops at affordable rates. We will help you create a unique and beautiful shopfront, shutters as per customer choice.

We believe in creating something unique to suit your needs for design and installation. Our team is always on hand to discuss the best options for your budget with our consultation service available via phone, email or message.


To make a Shop Front, planning is most important. First, we identify the need of our customers then make a suitable plan for them. Let say you need a shutter. First, we analyze your shop area, and then we start to make the right shutter for your shop as Shopfitter in Birmingham.


Design is the main element for a Signboard, like fuel for a car. Our team knows what is suitable for your signboard as we are the specialist we are trying to suggest the best and right design according to your shop. If you need the best design for your signboard.


Once we make a plan and decide a design for your shop then we start building with best and durable material. Built a shop front with the reliable material is as important as design. We are trained to built durable and elegant Shop Fronts for our customers.

After Sale Services

We provide after sale services, we are not only design or built a front but we also provide services after shop fitting and make our good will as better as we can. We will revise your service as per your demand.

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We are the best Shopfitter in Birmingham. We make durable and elegant shop front as per customer choice. We have the best of the best team.

Shutters are like securities for shops. They must be more rigid and secure. We make the best Shutters in Birmingham as per security demands.

Eye-catchy and flashy signboards are necessary for a shop. It shows up in a market or a place where your shop exists. According to that, we design signboards.

Summers are hot and annoying for some reasons, like direct sunlight. Awnings are essential to protect from sunlight. Call us and get a shelter. Get your awnings installed by professionals & get all the benefits of our valuable lifetime warranty. With high-quality material, worry no more about the corrosion or damage caused by storms. 

We provides blind on 30% discount feel free to contact ZAPSHUTTERs Our blinds are not just window coverings; they are also a design element. They add style and personality to your shop front or office. Enjoy premium quality blinds at an affordable price with no hassle of maintenance or installation.


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Just a call away from your place. You can call us +447878318798 ZAP SHUTTERS. Best Shopfitter in Birmingham.

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We only use premium quality Shutters Near Me, Awnings and Signboards that are easy to install with no tools required. We have services to suit any budget, including free estimates on orders above a certain amount.

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Get peace of mind knowing that our services are risk-free and hassle-free — no upfront payments or contracts are required. You can cancel your order with no hassle.

Security, Quality & Speed

We provide our clients with the best quality shutters, awnings and signboards, backed by a 24/7 service and warranty that is unmatched in the market. We assure the safety of your property with our best security system.

Services Guaranteed

We provide top-notch services with the latest lock system in our shutters, shopfronts, and awnings. We use the highest quality fittings and materials and stand by our work 100%. We are guaranteed to last!

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Over the years, we served nearly 3000 customers, and we are proud to say that we have never lost a customer. We will provide you with the latest service and the best quality with a few days to spare. We take on new clients every day and put forth our best efforts to meet customers’ requirements. We take pride in the quality of shutters, the promptness of our service, and products’ affordability.

If you’re still unsure if our services are the best for you, we offer free consultations. Our team will develop a quote for the project before beginning.

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