Glass Shopfronts in Coventry

Aluminum Shopfronts

If your shopfront appears old and dull, and your doors and windows struggle to close and open in a timely manner, you need to contact Aluminum Shopfitters in Coventry. When you need repairs for your shopfront or window frame maintenance and installation services, we’re the first option. As Zap Shutter’s team of specialists can meet all of your commercial, residential, and industrial requirements taken care of.

While we’re located in Coventry We offer our services UK all over the world when needed. Whatever the size or scope of the architectural work is, we’ll be able to be able to meet your deadlines and budget.

Frameless Toughened Glass Shopfronts

Frameless Glass Shopfronts look modern elegant, fashionable, and make an impact. They are an ideal choice for retail shops, offices and showrooms since they provide the maximum amount of light to the outside of the building.

Glass Shopfronts that are frameless are constructed with 12mm toughened or laminated glass. Both are extremely durable, ensuring the highest security. Glass that is toughened is created by the process of heating and cooling in multiple layers which gives the glass more strength and toughness to ensure the glass shopfront is made without aluminum profiles that are present in the principal area on the facade.

Toughened glass also has outstanding thermal resistance to reduce energy consumption and also has scratch resistant properties. The glass is also weather-resistant and provides the highest quality insulation to severe storms or winds.

All Glass Doors that are frameless can be outfitted with a wide range of rails, various patches and fittings available in various finishes like Chrome as well as Satin finish. There is also a large range of handles for entryways to complement.

Zap Shutters Ltd fabricate and install high-quality toughened glass for beautiful Frameless Glass Shop fronts. Shop fronts made of glass are made of toughened glass that is more durable than the Standard Glass Shopfronts. Glass shop fronts require minimal maintenance. are also low and provide amazing thermal efficiency.

Glass Shopfront Features

  • Toughened Glass is naturally more durable than normal glass, and offers thermal efficiency.
  • The operating system is quiet and smooth.
  • Elegantly finished.
  • 12mm toughened glass is used as a standard.
  • All lock fittings and patch fittings are available in Satin as well as Chrome.

We have a long list of companies who benefitted from our products such as:

  • Developments of all kinds including shopping centers, factories, and other types.
  • Retail Outlets.
  • Specific requirements for architectural designs.
  • Educational Facilities.
  • Community & Health Centers.
Glass Shopfronts in Coventry

Equip Your Premises with Zap Shutters Ltd

The protection of your business from vandalism and theft does not have to cost you a fortune, nor make a mess of the appearance of your business premises. With top-quality security shutters supplied by Zap Shutters Ltd, you are able to protect your property from common threats and still maintain a the modern, sleek appearance. With a sleek style, you can be sure that our shutters made of metal conform to the latest security guidelines.

Get in touch with Zap Shutters Ltd for Security Shutters in Coventry and throughout the UK. All shutters we offer are manufactured custom-made and simple to operate by hand or electrically. The sleek design is perfect for interior fitting as well. Our shutters are designed to provide exceptional strength for smaller to medium-sized apertures. Other advantages include insulation, shading, acoustics and blackout.

Retractable Patio Awning in Coventry

You can enhance the look of your home with high-end Awnings. If you’re in or near Coventry Contact us to Zap Shutters Ltd for more details.

Do you require blinds for your house or company in Coventry? Let the experts from Zap Shutters Ltd help you select the best awnings that best suit your property. If you require Shopfront Awnings to improve the look of your establishment or Window Awnings to block off the sun, we can supply an awning you want or make them custom for you at affordable prices.

In addition to making use of your patio during the times when the weather is less than ideal, a well-designed awning can also keep your home cool on hot days. Our collection of patio awnings includes many different fabric styles and colors, all of which are made to withstand the effects of fade and extreme temperatures.

If needed, we’ll install your patio awning to have an automated operation, which allows you to close and open it with a touch of one button.